Sunday, May 5, 2013

Reinstate the Death Penalty in Maryland!

Maryland Catholics for the Death Penalty are a group of faithful Catholics, who believe that the recent repeal of the Death Penalty does not give our law enforcement officials the full range of options, in dealing with those who commit crimes against law abiding citizens.  

Combined with the anti-Second Amendment mindset, which has taken sway with left wing politicians, the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) and many of those in the Catholic hierarchy, it endangers the everyday lives of Catholics and non-Catholics

All crimes against law abiding citizens, whether it be stealing a lawn chair to the killing of a mother with child, are violent.  But some crimes, such as those by the Washington area snipers or those who kill law enforcement officers, are crimes are beyond the pale.

Many who support the repeal state that the State will keep such people behind bars for life.  But can they guarantee it?  Politicians make such statements now, but once celebrities and others find a "cause" with an inmate, such as Mumia Abu-Jamal, who says that they will not reverse what they have supported in the past.

The Catholic Catechism does not state that you cannot be a good and faithful Catholic and support it.  Don't believe the mumbo-jumbo of the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) and other out of touch groups.  

Supporting the Death Penalty is the true Pro-Life position, as it is a tool (not the only one) to help ensure that those who would take further lives by violent means, and act as role models for other criminals, cannot do so anymore.

Therefore, we call upon all faithful Catholics to support the reinstatement of the Death Penalty in Maryland.

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